How to…support and cultivate teacher happiness!

by | Oct 18, 2021

At LifeWise, we want to make our Headteachers, teachers and students happy with our award-winning PSHE platform.

From lessons to assessments and support for Ofsted inspections, we’re here to assist you, and your school deliver the very best PSHE experience available.  Our PSHE lessons have been created by Teachers for Teachers whilst being underpinned by valuable research on the importance of supporting the mental well-being of our children.

In this blog, we examine the challenges faced by Teachers and explore methods to better support Teachers to achieve their goals.

Just as happiness is the key to a meaningful life for children, as a HeadTeacher, my goal was to make my teachers happy and fulfilled. I found that a fundamental part of staff wellbeing was rooted in setting meaningful goals. I also found that goals were most successful when my Teachers set them for themselves – rather than being something I had prescriptively applied. Truly believing in our goals is significant when thinking about the happiness and well-being of our teachers.

Goals need to motivate us and should be challenging enough to excite us, but they also have to be achievable. Unfortunately, very often, in education, I found that goals can be unachievable and bring unnecessary stress. I’ve spent over 30 years working with teachers and wanted to share some thoughts and ideas that might be helpful in your school.

So, although there isn’t a magic wand, LifeWise can undoubtedly help create and spread teacher happiness.  Here are some of the ways that LifeWise can support your team:

  1. Teachers love LifeWise because they save countless hours planning every year.  Every lesson is ready to present, with complete lesson plans, activities and relevant worksheets. Teachers can just focus on what they love doing – teaching.
  2. Seeing students loving learning is an indescribable feeling and makes everything worthwhile for teachers. We know that students are genuinely engaged and love using LifeWise lessons. All lessons are creative and include quizzes, challenges and an adventure video with the lovable LifeWise character, Lenny. We can help to create smiles all around!
  3. For many teachers, delivering PSHE lessons is still a relatively new concept, and your teachers may not be subject matter experts. That’s where LifeWise comes in. LifeWise teachers feel more confident delivering PSHE content, knowing that they meet Ofsted requirements.
  4. Finally, LifeWise is often used as a professional development tool. You can use the framework of the assemblies and lessons to inform yourself and your teachers of the latest developments and research into children’s development and mental health. LifeWise adds new topical lessons and assemblies every half term to continuously support challenges in schools.

If you’re interested in finding out how LifeWise could help teacher happiness in your school, get in touch with our team to find out more!

We’re LifeWise. We’re passionate about PSHE.

Julie Chudleigh

About the Author

Julie continues to build on her relentless quest for innovative and impactful pedagogy and is motivated by growing knowledge of neuroscience and its impact on ways of learning. After 30 years in both the UK and schools around the globe, supporting inclusive, diverse learners and mentoring PGCE student teachers as a Headteacher, advisor and consultant, we’re absolutely thrilled to have Julie onboard.

She wholeheartedly supports the LifeWise mission to positively prepare children for life. Julie has been involved in opening trauma informed schools, classroom design and creating communication friendly spaces, growing student numbers, raising attainment. She is also a published author but ask her what her greatest accomplishments include and she’ll tell you the success of students thirty years down the line!

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