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More than anything, we want as many people as possible to benefit from LifeWise and all the incredible things we have to offer (sorry about blowing our own trumpet!) That’s why we’ve made our platform of 300+ pre-planned PSHE lessons accessible and affordable – with a 30-day free trial available for every user.

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Ofsted Audit Docs


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LifeWise Makes PSHE Enjoyable For Everyone

We work directly with schools, giving them all the resources they need to prepare lessons :

300+ fully-planned, start-to-finish PSHE lessons on topical issues

An extensive bank of age-specific lessons tailored to each year group
Audio books, gamified quizzes, workbooks and activities
Government-recommended curriculum requirements
Ofsted-approved topics and official audit documentation
Content to keep kids up-to-date with our rapidly-evolving world
Lessons based on feedback from teachers, parent and experts
Fast, easy and hassle-free cancellation at any time