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Content and Continuous Improvement

Is LifeWise Trauma Informed?

Yes. Our lead content writer is trauma-informed and was a headteacher at a trauma-informed school before joining the LifeWise team.

Who writes your lessons?

Ex-teachers write our lessons. Our team comprises experts who specialise in particular age groups to ensure our content is always age-appropriate and engaging.

How often is your content refreshed?

Constantly! We run a continuous improvement program, reviewing our content monthly to ensure we reflect regulatory changes. You do not pay extra for resources released during your subscription, so you essentially get a better deal the longer you’re with us!

What help do you provide if we need bespoke content?

We work closely with our customers to ensure that our content is relevant, valuable and purposeful. We regularly create content in partnership with our customers. So, if you have a request, speak to your Account Manager, and we’ll do our utmost to add the requested content to the library.