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Frequently Asked Questions


What makes you different from other PSHE providers?

Did you know that we are the only PSHE provider that offers

  • A whole-school curriculum
  • Inbuilt assessments
  • Parent engagement tools
  • Play-based learning

Is LifeWise for Primary schools?

LifeWise specialises in providing engaging learning experiences for children between the ages of 4-11. Our content is also suitable for an all-through approach for SEN schools. But watch this space; we are expanding the curriculum to deliver content for mainstream secondary education.

Is LifeWise suitable for a Special Education Needs (SEN) school?

Yes. Many SEN schools use the LifeWise curriculum and have achieved great success! Our content delivers a multi-sensory experience, which works particularly well for children with special needs.

Do you offer lessons for Reception?

Yes, LifeWise includes a curated suite of lessons, activities, and games for children in Reception. We use character-based learning to capture young minds. For example, our Reception lessons include a video where our protagonist Luna heads off on an adventure, and the children learn alongside Luna.

Do I have to follow the sequence of lessons?

No. You have the freedom to deliver PSHE how you want, depending on the needs of your school. We propose a sequence, but this is not mandatory.

How do I implement the LifeWise curriculum into my school’s current PSHE program?

LifeWise is designed to make delivering PSHE as simple as possible. However, each school is different, and we entirely support Ofsted’s recommendation that PSHE should be bespoke for your school environment. Therefore, the best answer to this question will come from chatting with one of our team who can understand your current set-up and challenges and provide expert advice on how to implement our content into your school.

Does LifeWise provide complete PSHE/RSHE coverage, or will I need to supplement it?

Yes. LifeWise is a complete PSHE program which includes all statutory RSHE learning objectives and much more. In addition, we provide a broad and robust global citizenship program to support children to develop essential life skills to prepare them for our world better.