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I can’t log in. What should I do?

Usually, this will happen only when you are entering an incorrect password. However, resetting and gaining access is simple if you’ve forgotten your password. Have a look at this step-by-step guide.

If you haven’t forgotten your password but are seeing an error message, please email your Account Manager with a description of the error you see.

How do I reset my password?

Please follow these steps to reset your password:

Step 1
Head to the log-in page for LifeWise: https://beta.lifewise.co.uk/auth/login;
Step 2
Click the link in the bottom right, which says Forgot password?
Step 3
Enter the email address that you use to log in to LifeWise. We will send the instructions there;
Step 4
Go to your inbox and open the email sent by LifeWise;
Step 5
Click the link in the email;
Step 6
Choose your new password.
Step 7
You will then be taken back to the login screen. Use your new password.

How do I invite my colleagues?

Please follow these steps to invite your colleagues;

Step 1
Click the link on the left-hand navigation called Invite Colleagues;
Step 2
Enter the email address of your colleague in the window that appears;
Step 3
You can send more than one invite by clicking + ADD A NEW TEACHER in the same window;
Step 4
Click SAVE to send the invitation.

Please note you can only invite colleagues with the same email domain as your school subscription. For example, if your school email domain is @brilliantschool.com, only teachers with this email will be permitted. If you have multiple school domains, please speak to your Account Manager.

A video is blocked. What should I do?

If a video in our lesson is blocked, it is usually because there is a local restriction which doesn’t allow specific sites such as Vimeo or YouTube. Follow these steps:

  1. Check a couple of lessons to see whether the issue is universal or limited to one lesson.
  2. If it is only one lesson, please tell your Account Manager immediately, and we will be able to investigate.
  3. If the issue affects other lessons, please speak to your IT Administrator and ask them to white-label access to Vimeo and YouTube. 

If the issue persists after the IT Administrator has approved the domains, please report this to your Account Manager, who can work with our Technical Team to resolve the issue.

I see an error message. What should I do?

We regularly complete end-to-end tests on the LifeWise platform to catch errors, but we appreciate you telling us if we miss something. Please email your Account Manager to report the error, and we will liaise with our Technical Team to resolve the issue. It is helpful to remember what the error said or what symbol (if any) you saw on the screen.