PSHE For Parents

PSHE stands for Personal, Social, Health and Economic education. It is an important part of your child’s national curriculum learning. So what does it cover and how can you support your child at home?

Four Programmes To Positively Prepare Children For Life
(We’ve Really Done Our Homework)


LifeWise is centred around 4 programmes with different PSHE focuses for teachers to choose from. Each and every one of them gets students thinking, interacting and doing – all whilst building the essential life skills they’ll need in the future.

Mental Wellbeing


Life Prep


A Comprehensive Curriculum of Ready-To-Go Lessons


LifeWise lessons cover the topics that really matter to kids today. Handling anxiety, understanding cybersecurity, managing money and everything in between – our mission is to help young people develop respect for themselves and each other.

For teachers? Well, they save hours of planning time, deliver Ofsted-approved lessons and don’t need to worry about lacking any specialist knowledge! The LifeWise platform gives them all the tools they need to succeed:

 Provides a complete scheme of work and step-by-step lesson plans

 Covers curriculum requirements and government-guided topics

 Takes care of 4 years’ worth of fully-prepared PSHE lessons

 Is cutting edge and keeps up to date with our rapidly-evolving world

 Offers age-specific lessons tailored to each year group

 Encourages core values such as honesty, empathy and resilience

(No Credit Card Needed!)

Engaging Lessons Designed To Get
Kids Thinking & Doing

Let’s face it. There isn’t a single child who’s inspired by out-dated videos and endless worksheets.
That’s why our lessons are designed to get students interacting with our topics and each other.
With all this great content, no two lessons are the same:

Interesting Cartoons

Kinesthetic Learning Activities

Informative Slide Presentations

Gamified Quizzes

Student Workbooks

Play-based Challenges

(No Credit Card Needed!)

LifeWise Makes PSHE Enjoyable For Everyone

We work directly with schools, giving them all the resources they need to prepare lessons :

 200+ fully-planned, start-to-finish PSHE lessons on topical issues

 An extensive bank of age-specific lessons tailored to each year group

Audio books, gamified quizzes, workbooks and activities

Government-recommended curriculum requirements

Ofsted-approved topics and official audit documentation

Content to keep kids up-to-date with our rapidly-evolving world

Lessons based on feedback from teachers, parent and experts

Fast, easy and hassle-free cancellation at any time

So If You’re Finally Ready To…

Take the stress out of PSHE

Engage and inspire students

Hit all Ofsted expectations



and more than anything….

Positively prepare our kids for the future!

It’s FREE for 30-days, so there’s no better time to
improve your PSHE lessons!