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We know that creating inspiring PSHE lessons can be seriously draining for already over-stretched teachers. That’s why LifeWise provides a complete programme of ready-to-go lessons that give students engaging, memorable classes and save teachers a lot of valuable time. We’ve got everyone covered!

Positively impact the lives of your students

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Giving Children The Tools They Need To Navigate Life’s Challenges

Let’s be honest. Being a kid right now is tough. Staying safe and healthy with the pressures of social media (not to mention a global pandemic!) is a lot harder than it used to be. It’s hardly surprising that anxiety amongst young people is skyrocketing.

PSHE lessons are supposed to guide young people through these tricky topics and help them positively prepare for teenagehood and beyond. But sadly…

PSHE Is a Notoriously Neglected Part of
the Curriculum.

Even with the best of intentions, teachers simply don’t have the time to create inspirational lessons from scratch. With all the lesson planning, marking, admin work and parents’ evenings – it’s a wonder they find the time to teach at all!

We all want to inspire and empower our students, but sometimes we just don’t have time. So, if you’re answering ‘yes!’ to any of these questions, LifeWise is your lifeline…


1. Are you worried that your PSHE lessons aren’t hitting curriculum requirements?
With Ofsted’s new framework, high-quality lessons are more important than ever…

2. Do you feel like your PSHE lessons aren’t quite keeping up with times?
Covering rapidly evolving issues like social media & cybersecurity feels daunting…

3. Do you feel like PSHE lessons could be more engaging, fun and interactive?
It’s hard for kids to learn (and behave!) when a class doesn’t grab their attention…

4. Do you feel like some crucial messages just aren’t getting across to students?
Kids learn best through play, games and activities – but they take ages to plan…

5. Are you frustrated by ‘lesson plans’ that turn out to be a mishmash of resources?
With such squeezed planning time, you need complete, ready-to-go lessons…

6. And most of all, are you worried that students are leaving school unprepared?
Anxiety, social pressure, knife crime – this generation has tough challenges ahead…

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LifeWise Takes Pressure Off Teachers & Makes PSHE Enjoyable For Everyone

Here at LifeWise, PSHE is our priority. And with the help of teacher feedback, expert knowledge and dedicated research, we’ve built an innovative programme of age-specific lessons that teachers and students love.

With our multisensory platform, you can positively impact your pupil’s lives through engaging, informative lessons that put smiles on faces! LifeWise is jam-packed with detailed plans, complete lessons and so much more.

Here’s why schools across the UK have made the choice to partner with us:

We Save Teachers

When we spoke to teachers about PSHE, we kept hearing the same thing: ‘I just don’t have the time to create great lessons!’. With a fully-planned scheme of work, ready-to-go lessons and all resources in one place, LifeWise takes the stress off teachers and saves them time and energy that they can invest in their classroom.

We Meet All Curriculum Requirements

Getting that call saying an Ofsted inspection is on its way is already enough to send everyone into a bit of a panic – so the last thing schools need to worry about are new PSHE requirements. When you use LifeWise, you can be sure that your PSHE classes cover all government-recommended topics and tick all Ofsted boxes.

We Engage & Inspire Students

We know that kids learn (and behave!) best when a lesson really grabs their attention. That’s why each of our lessons is crammed with a diverse range of learning materials like cartoons, gamified quizzes and play-based challenges. Kids feel inspired and everyone is fully engaged and ready to learn.

We Positively Prepare Kids For Life

We started LifeWise because we saw that PSHE classes weren’t always equipping kids with the tools needed to navigate our ever-changing world. By covering crucial health and wellbeing topics, we give young people the skills and knowledge they need to flourish in school and beyond. LifeWise is their guide for later life.

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Teachers Everywhere Love LifeWise

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