Understanding the PE and Sport Premium Budget


You might not be familiar with the PE and Sport Premium budget, but now is the time to get familiar! We’ve created this guide to help primary schools get the most out of this amazing government initiative, including tips on how you can use the grant in ways you might not have considered before to deliver a long-lasting impact within your school.

The Government Commitment

Exercise is beneficial for a child’s physical and mental health (raising self-esteem and lowering anxiety and depression as well), and physically active children are happier, more resilient, and more trusting of one another. Ensuring that students participate in enough daily activity can have a wide range of benefits for both students and schools, including improved behaviour and academic progress.

Following the overwhelming evidence of how exercise positively benefits children, the government has committed to ensuring that children and young people have access to at least 60 minutes of sport and physical activity each day.

The Chief Medical Officer recommends that 30 minutes of this must be provided during the school day (according to an average of 60 minutes a day during the week).

To help schools achieve this goal, the government created the PE and Sport Premium budget, consisting of £320 million in government funds for primary schools. The budget was designed to give primary schools a cash injection to improve the quality of PE, physical activity, and sports provision through your core budgets. Schools are given direct access to the funds, allowing you to use the funds however you see fit.

The initiative is fantastic, however, we don’t know how long this provision will last. That’s why you should ensure you leverage your budget wisely this year so that your school can benefit long-term.

So, what exactly is the Premium, and how does it benefit you?

As with many government-backed initiatives, it can be difficult to decipher exactly how it works and how you can leverage the benefits. Let’s unwrap the information.

The premium’s purpose is to help children receive an energetic start in life by supporting primary schools to improve the quality of their PE, literacy, and sports programmes so students can benefit from a regular level of physical activity. As a consequence, students become physically and psychologically healthier, which translates to improved behaviour and academic performance.

What is the aim of the Premium? 

This funding aims to improve all aspects of physical education, from the quality of instruction to the use of health-based physical activities after school. Among the main goals are: 

  • Encouraging students to participate in regular physical and healthy activities.
  • Raising the profile of PE and sport as a tool for whole-school improvement within the school.
  • Increasing all staff’s confidence, knowledge, and skills in teaching PE and sport.
  • Providing students with a greater understanding of the various sports and activities available.

What should you do with the money?

You must use the money to improve the quality of physical education, physical activity, and sports programmes that you offer long-term.

Here are some ideas you could use in your school:

  • Develop or expand the PE and sports programmes offered at your school.
  • Provide staff with appropriate training, and resources to help teach PE and sports more effectively.
  • Invest in newer, more up-to-date equipment.
  • To make PE more enjoyable, introduce coaching and new sports.
  • Ensure that teachers incorporate physical activity throughout the school day.
  • Implement a PSHE program that incorporates essential play-based learning and supports students’ mental health and wellbeing.  LifeWise is perfect for this because we offer a PE activity in every PSHE lesson!

Why is physical activity so important for students?

The benefits of physical activity on our mental health are widely documented. Here are just a few of the key neurological benefits:

  1. Decreased stress
  2. Decreased social anxiety
  3. Improved processing of emotions
  4. Euphoria
  5. Increased energy, focus and attention
  6. Improved memory

For young learners, it is simple. One of the best things we can do to boost our mental health is to move our bodies! When children engage in regular physical activity, this increases happiness and supports positive mental well-being.  Studies also show that exercise boosts brain-power, giving kids what they need to thrive academically. What a win-win!

What does this have to do with LifeWise?

Creating lessons and resources that improve the well-being and happiness of our students is what we do at LifeWise. That’s why we’ve developed a PSHE Program which includes a PE activity for every PSHE lesson.

Hang tight, we’re not crazy! The research speaks for itself, and in all our tests, kids and teachers loved blending physical activity with learning. Not only did the students get a huge boost of euphoria, but they were also able to reinforce their learning outcomes in tangible, meaningful and memorable ways.

What most schools don’t realise is that because our PSHE lessons include physical activity, you can actually use part of your Sports Premium budget to pay for our program. This is a unique opportunity to embed the UK’s number 1 PSHE platform into your school, even though you are working on a tight budget.

We’re not sure how much longer the Sports Premium budget will be offered, so take advantage now to deliver long-lasting results within your school.

Schools that are using our unique play-based PSHE curriculum have reported reduced interventions, improved attendance and better behaviour across the school. More importantly, the students are whole-heartedly engaged in learning life lessons.

We have a limited number of honorary memberships available which provides your school access to LifeWise for six years at a discounted rate.

If you’re interested in finding out how you can introduce play-based learning into your classrooms using some of your Sports Premium budgets then please get in touch with our friendly team who would love to walk you through the LifeWise curriculum.

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